Seed solutions

Titanium Electric

The mechanical seed meter with electric drive
that improves planting performance


Up to 62 rows

Wireless communication

Variable rate application

Swath control

ISOBUS compliant

Seed hopper

Exclusive for Titanium

The seed hopper is designed with our Titanium meter in mind, and provides easy seed draining and easy exchange of discs and runners. 

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Titanium Electric

"Electric drive solution for your mechanical planter"


Yes, oily treatments, liquid inoculants, directly in the seed box can greatly compromise the system's plantability.  

No, always use the speed recommended by the planter manufacturer. The tester was developed to improve the plantability, and the main factor that compromises the plantability is the speed, which for Titanium is recommended to be between 5 and 6 km/h.  

No, planting should never be done without graphing, and should not be replaced or used in smaller quantities than indicated. Graphing is responsible for the lubrication of the system and a good distribution of the seeds, so its use is essential.  

No, first do the seed treatment. Graphite is the last step in the process before planting. 

This is a symptom of lack of graphite or incorrect choice of disk and ring. 

No, the weight limiter is critical so that it does not concentrate all the weight it contains inside the reservoir at once, except when using the J.Assy Seed Hopper Reservoir.  

No, for pneumatic seeders we offer Selenium dosers, and for mechanical seeders, Titanium dosers.  

FAQ - Seed hopper

It depends on the crop that will be planted, but this number is on average 3 liters. For further questions, please consult one of our resellers.  

No, the seed hopper is exclusive to the Titanium doser.  

Yes, we have spare parts available for Titanium dosers, such as the flex brush, poliflow and anti-jump. Contact one of our resellers if you have any further questions and are available. 

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