Seed solutions


Vacuum seed meter with market exclusive
technology for high planting performance.


High quality spacing

Exclusive seed disc window

Seed tube designed for Selenium

The crop kit is a single part

The disk, singulator and ejector are designed together.

Easy to handle

There are no meter adjustments

Crop kits


Ø 4,0mm
40 holes


Ø 4,0mm
55 holes


Ø 4,5mm
28 holes

Sweet Corn

Ø 3,2mm
28 holes

Cotton & Sorghum

Ø 2,5mm
55 holes


Ø 6,3mm
32 holes

Edible bean

Ø 4,0mm
40 holes

Large bean

Ø 5,8mm
32 holes


Ø 1,3mm
80 holes


Ø 3,2mm
28 holes

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"Provides the best spacing of soybean seeds"


Selenium dosers can be used for Cotton, Peanuts, Canola, Beans, Jalo Beans, Corn, Sweet Corn, Soy and Sorghum. 

In case of pairs and planting failures, check that the vacuum pressure is regulated correctly and the seed is graphed homogeneously, always analyzing the situation of the vacuum seal, which should not be worn for the proper functioning of the doser. Another point to be noted are the air inlets, which must be free to allow a free air flow.  


If you have any further questions, please contact one of our resellers.   

The quality of the conductor, which must not be dented or broken, and the sensor, which must not be interfering with the free fall of the seed, must not exceed the internal wall of the conductor. Another point to be analyzed is the pressure of the planting line, which when poorly regulated can cause spacing failure.   

If the seed population in the soil is not in accordance with the desired, the following actions can be taken:  

a) If the doser is driven by hydraulic motor or electric motor, check that the number of holes in the disc is correctly configured in the terminal that controls the motors. Also check that the population indicated on the display is correct. 


b) If the dispenser is mechanically driven by the planter drag wheel, check in the dosing table if the correct gears are being used in the gearbox that moves the seed dispensers.  

Yes, it is possible to work with both Selenium doser models at the same time. 

No, for electrical operation the product must be changed completely.   

For the mechanical system we have the Titanium dosers, and for pneumatic systems, the Selenium dosers. 

Yes, we have available various parts for Selenium dosers such as vacuum seal, electric motor, driver and ECU. Contact one of our resellers for more information and availability.        

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