Fertilizer solutions


Developed to facilitate the fertilization process, Jupiter is another exclusive product of
J.Assy with an internal rotor system, which allows a better dosage.


Volumetric meter ensures less variation between lines

High dosing performance on downhill or uphill

Developed with technology to break down fertilizer stones

Quick-fit system allows removal of the meter without using tools

Rotor and liner technology enables faultless dosing and pulses in the flow


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"Thought with the objective of making the fertilization process more precise and practical"


It depends on the model of the machine, which makes it vary from 100 to 600 kg/ha. Check the dosage table of your machine or contact one of our dealers. 

If there is crusting of the fertilizer, the doser must be maintained, removing it from the machine and cleaning it. 

Yes, the doser can be used in the rain, but its use under these conditions is not recommended due to the humidity, which affects the fertilizer making it easier to crush inside the doser. 

The main parts we offer for replacement are the hose, rotor and chute. If necessary, contact one of our dealers. 

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